1) What is a CyberCruise?

CyberCruises were an idea that grew out of the Usenet news group rec.boats, the WELL's sailing forum, and the Muddies. Our initial CyberCruise was proposed as a means to have a fender-to-fender meeting with other Bay Area boaters with whom we had been communicating in cyberspace. It worked out so well that we now schedule CyberCruises to various anchorages in SF Bay on a regular basis. Over the years, dozens of boats had rubbed fenders at a CyberCruise.

2) Who may attend a CyberCruise?

CyberCruises are open to all Bay Area boaters.

3) May power boaters attend CyberCruisers?


4) Where and when are CyberCruises held?

CyberCruises are held bi-monthly to various locations in San Francisco Bay. The date and location is decided by a vote of members of the CyberCruise list. To be included on the list, read the email page.

5) Are CyberCruises real?

Yes. Check out the pictures and stories.

6) What should I bring to a CyberCruise?

A good singing voice isn't required, but it helps to have a sense of humor. The only real requirements are a good set of fenders (preferably large) and some proper dock lines (high stretch to help absorb shock). There will most likely be a lengthy anchoring demonstration. Most CyberCruisers usually arrive with some edible goodies to share (unless they've sailed up from Redwood City, in which case they've probably eaten the goodies on the way). There is a requirement that at least one boat supply the chocolate.

7) How do I find the CyberCruisers at the anchorage?

We have an official burgee, but we've been too busy sailing to make one. Some CyberCruisers still fly the rec.boats burgee. The Commodore does not fly one of these. You may try reaching us on the radio, but there is no guarantee that anyone will hear you above the music on the stereo. The best method is to cruise alongside and say the magic word: "CyberCruise". If someone tosses you a line or hands you a beer, it's a pretty good indication that you have found the right place.

8) Are there any CyberCruise rules?

Of course we have rules.

9) What is The Sea of Anarchy Yacht Club?

10) You call those women Beer Babes, are you a bunch of beer-guzzling sexist pigs?

Of course not. The title "Beer Babes" was bestowed as a satirical reference to beer advertisers who would have you believe that you will be surrounded by beautiful women...beer babes...if you drink their beer. We don't need to drink for our Beer Babes to look beautiful to us.

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