The Sea of Anarchy Yacht Club was formed by The Muddies who sailed out of Redwood City. The Muddies were a group of Friday night sailors connected via email. The YC name came from an article in the San Francisco Chronicle about the Redwood City waterfront in which the sloughs were described as "a sea of anarchy."

While the sloughs are home to many rotting hulks that were the former homes of some of the non-conforming members of the waterfront community, it was the feeling of freedom and serenity that drew the Muddies to the peaceful achorages in the sloughs. The club house was NOD.

The SAYC burgee symbolizes the South Bay. The brown represents the mud (Yes, the color of mud is hard to duplicate), the blue represents the sky, and the black semi-circle is a white-letter steel-belted radial tire representing the junk people throw into rivers that eventually make their way into the Bay filtration system that is the sloughs. Sadly, the sight of tires sticking out of the mud at low tide is not that rare. One of the legendary Muddy feats was Downwind snagging an old tire with his anchor while single-handing.

After connecting with other members of and forming the CyberCruisers, The Sea of Anarchy Yacht Club has been proud to host some terrific Raft-Ups. May is the traditional CyberMudCruise. Anyone making the cruise receives an honorary membership in The Sea of Anarchy Yacht Club.

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